FCC Florence Receives Southern Folger 2009 Award of Excellence
Don Halloran presented Warden Blake R. Davis and his staff at the Federal Correctional Complex in Florence Colorado the 2009 Southern Folger Award of Excellence.
Earlier this year, the staff at the 640-acre Federal Correctional Complex in Florence, Colorado was selected to receive the Southern Folger 2009 Award of Excellence.  This FCC is located 45 miles south of Colorado Springs and consists of three facilities:  a medium security Federal Correctional institution, a high security US Penitentiary and an ADMAX facility with a minimum security satellite prison camp.  Reflecting on his visit to FCC Florence, Don Halloran, President of Southern Folger stated, "You would never know the facility opened in 1994 by the spotless condition of their buildings and equipment."  He went on to say that he believes the complex has been so successful in maintaining their equipment because of methodically training their maintenance staff on detention equipment - not just once, but on a continual basis.  Additionally, their immaculate lock shop is stocked with the proper supply of replacement parts, locks and keys to take care of a swing or sliding door problem on the spot.