Unstoppable Ice
Southern Folger Teams with Presa Community Center

Young enterpreurs from Presa Community Center (PCC) are setting up their small business this summer at Southern Folger. Unstoppable Ice, which is the business name, sells snow cones, or raspas as they are called in San Antonio, and must create a business and marketing plan, set wages, create financial statements – basically run the business themselves with the help of volunteer mentors.  This youth small business development opportunity is only one of the many programs that PCC offers.  This year, Southern Folger began teaming with PCC, physically located only blocks apart.  Southern Folger is pleased to be a part of this transformative organization through corporate sponsorship and employee fundraisers, including a recent garage sale and book drive. This fall, employees will be able to volunteer during the week for a “Day of Caring” to landscape an area of the PCC campus. PCC programs improve the quality of life for many youth, seniors and families in the community.  The smiles and confidence of the young people at the snow cone stand are proof that this is more than a summer pastime – it is leadership development at its best. 

 Presa Community Center improves lives by providing access to needed resources and tools for social and personal transformation. www.presa.org