Security Electronics Division


Southern Folger's Security Electronics Division is comprised of many departments that work as a team to carry a project from conception through completion and beyond.  We take pride in providing custom designed security electronic systems using non-proprietary products.  A partial listing of services provided includes:

Estimating ServicesSouthern Folger's Security Electronics Division maintains a staff of qualified estimators whose experience in the detention industry allows for development of accurate and detailed estimates specific to your project.  Estimators typically work with Architects, Security Consultants, Owners, and other trades to ensure estimating accuracy.  

Scheduling and Coordination – The Project Management and Project Engineering Departments can provide full service coordination in order to continue or create a complimentary relationship with the Architects, Security Consultants, Owners, and other trades, and to perform all coordination necessary to assure a successful project. 

EngineeringSouthern Folger's Security Electronics Division maintains a full staff of experienced, well-trained Electrical and Control Systems Engineers with emphasis on facility electronics.  This department is focused on providing well-designed integrated systems that are easily installed and maintained.

Programming – The Applications and Automation Department designs, programs, tests, and supports projects that are created around a unique specification and architectural design.  Services provided:

Systems Integration – Sub-systems are integrated into a single fully integrated control system.  

Start-up and Commissioning – A dedicated and fully trained team of qualified engineers and technicians is available for the Start-up and Commissioning