Southern Folger announces the formation of custom fabrication unit
Southern Folger announces the formation of Southcross Custom Fabrication, LLC.



San Antonio, Texas...Southern Folger, the nation's leading detention equipment company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, announces the formation of Southcross Custom Fabrication (SCF), a dedicated venture focused on providing metal fabrication and process development in extended industry settings.

 Capitalizing on a lengthy history of comparable services under the Southern Folger umbrella, SCF will utilize the extensive capabilities, technical staff and equipment in place at the current 100,000 square foot facility. Plans will focus on broadening its efforts on behalf of direct and outsourced clients, including OEMs, oil and gas entities, agricultural interests, and any business requiring relevant full-service design, engineering and manufacturing solutions.

 Citing cost-efficient, turnkey production and timely response, President Don Halloran explained, “The opportunity for us to better serve our increasingly diversified client base with key manufacturing-related efforts prompted our decision to formally designate this aspect of our activities as a separate but integrated business.” Mike Barr, business development, and David Horstmeyer, director of operations, will also head up SCF activities that include plans to identify and serve additional opportunities regionally as well as nationally. New marketing efforts for SCF include the launch of its interactive website at


Halloran continued, “We've provided these quality manufacturing and metal processing services to multiple customers over the years. SCF represents our strategic and systematic move into other appropriate environments with a demonstrated need for virtually any kind of metal fabrication, steel processing, machining, welding, and laser cutting. We can do it all, with reduced production costs, for standard or unconventional parts, because we already have the advanced technology and trained staff right here. It's also a means of diversifying the Southern Folger market in the future and strengthening our base.”


SCF specializes in: complete machining capabilities; certified welding, design and engineering services; multiple-industry experience in all government safety and other areas of compliance; custom finishing; all-metal laser-cutting; and more. Product-line inquiries should be addressed to Mike Barr at; 210.531.4154 direct extension. For additional company information, see




Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Southern Folger Detention Equipment represents a 118-year history of providing high quality, innovative products and services for the detention and security industry. The company's evolution, prior to the formation in 2015 of Southcross Custom Fabrication, includes the merger in 2004 of two pioneer detention equipment manufacturers, Southern Steel founded in 1897, and Folger Adam established in 1905. The leading market brand in detention hardware, Southern Folger's specialized security products and services are used by more than 10,000 facilities, both domestic and worldwide.